Dubai’s New Five-Year Tourist Visa for Indian Visitors: A Comprehensive Guide

Dubai’s groundbreaking five-year multiple-entry visa for Indian tourists signifies a significant milestone in the relationship between India and the UAE. This initiative, prompted by a notable 25% increase in Indian visitors in 2023, aims to bolster economic ties and promote tourism. 

Offering unparalleled flexibility, the Dubai tourist visa allows tourists multiple entries into the UAE, with a 90-day initial stay extendable once, totaling 180 days annually. 

As Dubai emerges as a preferred destination for Indian travelers, this visa serves as a testament to the commitment to fostering stronger bonds and facilitating seamless travel experiences between the two nations.

Understanding Dubai’s Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

In 2023, Dubai witnessed a remarkable 25% surge in overnight visitors from India, solidifying its position as the leading source market. The introduction of the five-year visa strategically aims to deepen economic collaborations, stimulate tourism, and fortify business relationships.

How Does the Dubai Tourist Visa Work?

Tourists holding this new visa can enter the UAE multiple times under their sponsorship. Initially, they are allowed a 90-day stay, extendable once, totaling a maximum of 180 days within a year. This flexibility caters to various travel needs, whether for business or leisure purposes.

Benefits of the Dubai Tourist Visa

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) highlights several benefits of this initiative. Tourists can enjoy multiple entries and exits, enhancing operational flexibility for business engagements, leisure travel, and seamless connectivity.

Bader Ali Habib’s Insights

Bader Ali Habib, the Regional Head of Proximity Markets at DET, underscores India’s significant role in Dubai’s tourism sector. He emphasizes India’s contribution to Dubai’s record-breaking performance in inbound visitation in 2023. India remains a key market for Dubai, aligning with the D33 Agenda goals and reinforcing Dubai’s status as a hub for business, investment, and tourism. 

This visionary initiative was revealed as Dubai experienced a record influx of 2.46 million overnight visitors from India in 2023, marking a substantial 34% year-on-year growth.

Application Process

To obtain the visa, applicants must meet specific criteria, including maintaining a bank balance of 4,000 USD, possessing valid health insurance for the UAE, holding a round-trip ticket, and providing proof of stay in the UAE (such as a hotel reservation or residential address).

The application requires essential documents, including a colored photo, passport copy, medical insurance, bank statement, tour itinerary, and an onward journey ticket.

Issuing the Visa

The visa-issuance process involves utilizing digital channels (such as the GDRFA website or smart application) or visiting a Customer Happiness Center. Both methods require filling out the application, paying the necessary fees, and ensuring all conditions and documents are in order.

Terms and Conditions

The visa is subject to specific terms and conditions, including possessing a valid passport or travel document, holding a return ticket, maintaining valid medical insurance in the UAE, and providing a bank statement demonstrating a balance of 4,000 USD.

Dubai’s introduction of a five-year multiple-entry tourist visa for Indians marks a significant step in strengthening ties between the two nations. This initiative provides Indian tourists with an extended and flexible travel option to Dubai, fostering greater tourism, business, and cultural exchanges.

Overall, the new Dubai Tourist visa scheme signifies Dubai’s commitment to welcoming Indian visitors and enhancing the tourism landscape between the two countries, further solidifying their partnership and promoting mutual growth.

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