Do you want to live in a new country and explore new opportunities? Sweden could be the right place for you. Here are the five good reasons to think about moving to Sweden.

1.Jobs in Sweden for Immigrants

Sweden is a good place for people from all around the world. There are around 20,000 Job roles currently opened for Hiring. Many companies in Sweden are actively looking for new team members. Whether you have special skills or just want to do something you enjoy, you can find a job in Sweden.

One of the ways to get a job in Sweden is to apply for a Job Seeker Visa and move there. The Visa allows you to stay in the country for a couple of months, apply for jobs, and attend the interviews. Globalogy’s visa experts can help you get one.

2.Good Healthcare in Sweden

In Sweden, healthcare is divided into public and private sectors. Public healthcare is managed by the county council, local authority, or municipality, while private healthcare can be under contract or independent. Primary care, generally referred to as basic health and medical care, includes general practitioners and various specialists.

Dental care, provided by general dental practitioners, is both public and private. Elderly care is available for those in need of assistance or looking to move to an elderly care home.

They take good care of people’s health. If you get sick, you can see a doctor without worrying about spending too much money. Sweden’s healthcare system is known for providing top-quality medical care. You and your family’s health are in good hands in Sweden.

3.Free or Cheap Education in Sweden

Sweden offers education that doesn’t break the bank. They stand out for their affordable education, from top-tier universities to excellent schools. With around 50 universities, Sweden offers a world-class education. English is widely spoken, but learning Swedish opens doors socially and professionally.

Swedish universities, both state-run and independent, regularly rank among the world’s best. The Swedish Higher Education Authority evaluates the quality of higher education and research, ensuring a top-notch academic experience.

Sweden Permanent Residency

4. Lots of Time with Your Kids

In Sweden, they believe that spending time with your family is important. Parents get lots of time off when they have a baby, which means you can bond with your little one without worrying about work. You can also meet other parents and learn how to balance work and family life.

5. Sweden Permanent Residency

Getting a Permanent Residency in Sweden has become a lot easier. This gives you stability and safety for your family. Globalogy’s Visa Expert Service can guide you through the process.

Long-term Residency in Sweden

If you’re not from the EU and have lived in Sweden continuously for five years, you might get long-term resident status. This means you have certain rights similar to EU citizens and more opportunities for work, study, or business in other EU countries.

Requirements for Long-term Resident Status:

  • Lived continuously in Sweden for five years.
  • Had a residence permit or legal residence in Sweden for the previous five years.
  • Can support yourself and your family.

How To Move To Sweden ?

Submit the form “Ansökan om ställning som varaktigt bosatt, 138011” to the Swedish Migration Agency. Include necessary documents, like passport copies and proof of financial support.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a country where you get enough time to spend with your family, your job is there, and everything is well taken care of ? Well, that is Sweden for you. It offers job options for all, high-quality healthcare, affordable education, family time, and a way to stay for the long term. If you want to move there with a job, let our experts be the helping hand. 

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